Orange Rosemary Cornbread French Toast

cornbread french toast

Once upon a time, I used to make brunch every weekend. It generally incuded staples like Tempeh Tube Sausage and Banana Bourbon Pecan Waffles. Plenty of French Press coffee and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me was involved. It was a pretty swell tradition. These weekends, I often don’t brunch much (and when I do it’s […]

Rosemary Orange Cornbread

orange cornbread

This past Saturday, May 11, I made a pot of chili.  Yes, chili.  As in football season, sweaters, and autumn leaves chili (it was a riff on this ye olde recipe, in case you were wondering). Why the chili? It was raining. And raining. And windy. And cold (well, cold-ish–too cold for May, at least). […]

Sorrel Pesto

sorrel pesto

Anyone remember the early days of blogging? You know, back when we all had Blogger/Blogspot addresses (no self-hosting), simply talked about food and got to know each other–the days when none of us made money off it and everything was simple? I miss those days. (Not that I make money off this site. But…it has […]

Almond Noodles w/ Pickled Bok Choi & Fried Tofu

peanut noodles

Rain, you’re drunk, go home. I mean, all those years I’ve said, “Seattle would be perfect for me! I could wear black and grey and the people are all kind of jaded and hip and the food is awesome and I totally don’t care about the gloom, who needs sun?”…yeah, I was totally wrong. Seattle, […]