Primavera Sound 2013

So there was this day back in January or February–whenever the full line-up for Primavera Sound was announced–when I emailed G and said something to the effect of, “holy shit we should go to Primavera Sound!”

The partial line-up read thusly: Jesus & Mary Chain, Postal Service, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Wu Tang Clan, Dinosaur Jr, Deerhunter, Bob Mould, Neko Case, Savages, The Breeders, Dead Can Dance, Shellac, Meat Puppets, Band of Horses, etc. etc. etc.

And I didn’t expect G to respond and say, “sure, why not.”

Ok, so I guess we’re going to Barcelona for a music festival?

Even though we discovered close to the date that our old-person schedules were not going to fly with the festival running from 6 pm to 6 am every night and even though the temperatures were beyond frigid at the open-air, next to the sea venue (we’re talking I was wearing a two shirts, a sweater, a summer scarf, my fall jacket, and a hat and was still shivering cold–oh, and warmed my face over a cup o’ noodles), even though some of the bands cancelled, it was still the most incredible three days (er, nights) and was so so so worth it.

Upper left to bottom right: Wild Nothing, the ferris wheel in the middle of the park, vegan burger, finally seeing Postal Service!!!  Does it make me twee or whatever to love Postal Service?  I don’t care.  It was my anthem senior year of high school and defines that period of my life for me.  I wish I’d seen them back then, but I’m more than stoked to have seen them live.  Seriously awesome.

Upper Left to Bottom Right: Only caught a few minutes of Swans because they started 30 minutes late–not cool; The Breeders (I’m largely not a middle-aged Kim Deal fan, but oh, that music); Goat–one of the bands we were most looking forward to, incredible show; The Knife’s 4 am show or something crazy like that.

As the days of the festival passed, the temperatures steadily dropped. Good thing George packed the hat I made fun of. Like why on earth should you need a ski cap in Barcelona in May?!

Left to Right: Django Djano was more funk-industrial than I expected; Cayucas was surprisingly not popular but super fun set.

Top Left to Bottom Right: Thee Oh Sees was a favorite unexpected band–their records didn’t do it for me, but live they kicked ass; Wu Tang lit up on stage and demanded that the crowd mosh (poor Spaniards…they had no idea what to do); My Bloody Valentine–need I actually say anything? Once in a lifetime experience. Worth it; Hot Snakes.

Primavera Sound, you blew my mind. You also taught me that I can still stay up until 6 am if I want to. Who know? I don’t understand why I could only get Heineken (ew, gross, yuck) or Jack Daniels (huh?), but I’m appreciative of your pretty kicking food offerings (definitely vegan and veg-friendly!) and, while it was cold as fuck, the park was a gorgeous and ear-friendly setting for a massive music festival. I’ve never been surrounded by that many people who love the same music I do and it kindof blew my mind. I doubt I’ll ever be lucky enough to travel to Primavera Sound again, but I’m glad I did for this year’s line-up. Alright America, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

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  1. FoodFeud says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaa!!>???!! What an awesome line-up! So incredible. Glad you made it out there. Also an overnight concert sounds insane. Bet it was totally fitting and fantastic for Swans and Jesus and mary Chain. Ugh! Jealous! (Speaking of music, Sebadoh is touring again in November!! Will they be down in VA for you to see?)

  2. Renae says:

    Sounds like a lot of awesome bands and I admire your fortitude! You didn’t mention Nick Cave playing – he wasn’t one of the bands that cancelled, was he??

    • Jes says:

      Nope! His show was great but I only caught a little of it because Meat Puppets were playing at the same time. The crowd for Nick Cave was hella larger than My Bloody Valentine which blew my mine.

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