Mint Pesto

mint pesto

I feel like in many ways I should have named this Vegan MoFo Goes Pasta or Pastafarians for Vegan MoFo. Or something like that. Maybe the Anti-Paleo Vegan MoFo? Out of my 18 posts for the month (2 shy of my goal, dang!), 5 entire posts were dedicated to my love of pasta. That’s 27.777777…% […]

TunaNOT Casserole

TunaNOT Casserole

Well after not posting for two days and then saying that I was burned out, I guess I recovered a little since I felt like cooking tonight! Hooray! Of course it always seems that I have extra time on Thursdays to cook, so I make a big batch of something, and then I don’t really […]

Charlottesville Weekend, Part II

three notch

You guys…I’ve burned out of MoFo. Officially. All the best laid plans and intentions seriously couldn’t prepare me for how hard doing MoFo in September was going to be. Normally it’s a challenge–but it’s always been fun! Fun! That’s the point, right? Community and fun and pushing ourselves to post tons about awesome vegan eats […]

Charlottesville Weekend


For anyone who’s been following on me on Instagram these past few days (sorry for the non-veganness!), you already know that G & spent the weekend getting away from it all in Charlottesville. We both love Cville and visit fairly often to catch shows for an evening, but rarely do we ever get the chance […]

Ball Park Nachos


So I’m about to break my own rules that I just laid out yesterday.  Seriously, you can’t trust me.  Ever.  Apparently.  Or so they say. I guess, mostly, it’s just that Vegan MoFo is really starting to catch up to me. September is usually one of the crazier months of the year for me (October […]

Smashed Green Beans & Potatoes

green bean potatoes

One of the challenges of my theme for this year’s MoFo (Pinterest Challenge!) is not choosing recipes from the same bloggers. For example, since 2009, I’ve saved/pinned quite a few recipes from 101 Cookbooks (and if the search function on Pinterest weren’t so buggy, I’d actually give you a number…). But since I’ve already posted […]

Veggie Lentil Loaf


Pull out your bell bottoms and peasant shirts, you guys, because today we’re going retro. Like, super retro. Like, pulling out your loaf pan, smashing veggies and lentils into it, and calling it dinner retro. Dun dun dun… It’s Veggie Lentil Loaf time! What could seriously be more granola vegan than lentils, nuts, and vegetables […]

Pasta alla Norma


Friends, I’m not sure if it’s possible for me to go an entire week of Vegan MoFo without posting a pasta recipe. And, to be honest, I probably cook pasta at least twice a week even when it’s not MoFo. It’s so easy, so clean-out-the-fridge, and pretty much all I have time for most nights. […]

Chiles en Nogada


Oh man, ya’ll…the weekend is over? Can I go back and do it again? Or at least have some more of it? Anyone else feel the same way? Since we’re in the middle of a holding pattern in the kitchen thanks to our renovation (details to come…um, eventually? This thing was supposed to be done […]



So, let’s be honest here, who hasn’t been inspired by Taco Cleanse 2013? I mean, like, holy shit, all those taco trucks and amazing restaurants serving vegan tacos? Not to mention the sheer willpower (I really do mean genius indulgence) to eat a taco for every meal of Vegan MoFo? It’s amazing. I bow to […]