Early December Photologue

Oh the plans, the plans for posting that I had!

Let’s just say the first half of December shaped up to be a little more…vibrant? than expected. Some of it good, some of it bad. But definitely lots of good times throughout.

So let’s clear out the old iPhone photos for the first half of the month, shall we?

As soon as we got home from our Staycation, I immediately forced G into the car to go with me to pick out a tree. (By ‘go with me’ I obviously mean ‘tie on to car’ and all that stuff I’m not good at…) Which then led me to promptly go overboard with decorating the house. It’s the little things that make me happy and, in this case, the shiny, Christmasy things. My cats don’t give a damn about the tree but I sure do and that’s all that really matters.

A few days later I then held a new favorite tradition, the Bad (Awesome) Sweater, Book Exchange, Holiday Potluck in which we all wore fantastically bad Christmas sweaters, fought over books we brought for an exchange, and ate waaay too many cookies and brownies and pimento cheese. Oh, and played Cards Against Humanity. Of course.

The next morning dawned far too early though and found me on the road to Atlanta to attend the memorial service for someone I considered my adopted grandfather. 7 hour drive + hangover? Oh you betcha. But it meant that I got to spend some quality time with the niece and nephews (holy crap they’re getting big!) as well as see some friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

(I also talked with a few of my elementary school teachers. Who I thought were old when I was in school. And who still look the same. Which means that my perception of age when I was 8 was pretty far off and also means that…they haven’t changed in 20 years?! It felt Twilight Zone-ish. Anyone else had that happen?)

Thankfully, on the morning before the memorial service, I was able to decompress from the drive and the four year olds and all that jazz and catch up with my friend J with yoga, Zyka, and fire juggling. (Don’t worry, he did the juggling but we both ate the food.) I’ve fallen out of my regular yoga practice and had forgotten how much I miss it. Something about centering. And reevaluating. And putting things in perspective–especially death–can be really comforting and jarring at the same time.

As for Zyka? Well, I’ve been ordering mutton masala for ten years now and it’s just as good as I remember. What I’d give for that restaurant to be even just a few hours closer to me…

Back in Roanoke (I was in Atlanta for 1 full day, the other two were driving days), it was back to the swing of things. The busyness of everyday life that really isn’t worth writing about.

But it also meant holiday parties and R’s incredible house! Like, just look at those branches! Don’t you want to never stop looking at them? I seriously wish I had the creative talent to arrange natural pieces in my house like that. I guess vaulted ceilings wouldn’t hurt either… But I digress.

And, finally, between all the parties and work (hello busy December, wasn’t expecting you to be like this) and G being sick and everything else, I also found a little time to chill out and drink Irish Coffees and read Jhumpa Lahiri’s newest book, The Lowland. Apparently most critics weren’t too keen on it, but I found the novel to be her best yet–the story enthralling and distancing at the same time, beautiful and desolate, political and mundane. It captured everything I love about fiction and is a book I’d definitely recommend.

For the rest of this solstice/Christmas/holiday season, I hope you (and I) both find a little rest, a lot of love, and enough time to kick back and enjoy a good read. And maybe, like these two cats of mine, we’ll even find time to sit close to those we aren’t so fond of and share a nap. Or a drink. Or just look at some twinkly lights.

3 Responses to “Early December Photologue”
  1. Loving those branch decorations! So crafty. :D

  2. Eileen says:

    CHRISTMAS STICK! We have one (very, very similar to this one from two years ago: and it is the best. Free & beautiful & full of our careful selection of 7 ornaments total. Yay! I do have to say I miss the actual real tree smell, but that’s ok. All your different gatherings sound really great–even the memorial service, really. Family and friends: super important. We should really actually meet & hang out one of these days. Stupid opposite coasts! :)

  3. Chrissy says:

    I love the idea of a book exchange! I also wanted to do a booze exchange but ran out of time. Maybe for New Year’s Eve?

    Also, I am more than halfway through The Lowland and I like it so far. Let’s chat more when I’m done!

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