First Market of the Year & Spring Quiche

Spring has finally sprung here in southwestern Virginia, and while I have a love-hate relationship to the season thanks to pollen allergies, I love the fact that it’s officially farmers market season! Yesterday, in addition to the Earth Day celebration in Grandin Village, was the opening day for the Grandin Village Farmers Market, and it […]

Farmcation, Milking!

So a major part of farmcation 2010 was milking. Actually, that was pretty much the main thing–I mean, feeding chickens and goats isn’t too hard or time consuming, but milking, yup, milking takes awhile, especially if you haven’t done it much before. Or ever. Which would be the boat I fall in. Now, I’ve always […]

Farmcation, Day 5

Yes! I have survived five days thus far on the farm. And I really don’t want to return to real life tomorrow evening. I mean, it’s not like it’s easy–trust me, it’s not–, and I am aware that I still have a rather romantic view of the whole situation (I’m not having to drive to […]

Farmcation 2010, Day 1

This week I have the pleasure of farm-sitting for some folks I know while they’re out of town on a much needed vacation.  The farm itself is gorgeous and I’ll give you a tour of the property tomorrow if the sun comes out.  Right now it’s really overcast and has been for a couple of […]