Dark Days: Soul Veg Inspired Kale Salad

I’m not in a rut–I’m just addicted to kale salads! Some beast awakened within me that yells “more kale” every day–and thankfully I can satisfy it with the locally grown stuff. The latest most-addicting kale salad since last week is this simple one inspired by Soul Veg, a vegan soul food restaurant in Atlanta (and […]

Dark Days: Kale & Arugula Salad with Roasted Acorn Squash

So, global climate change anyone? After this weekend (and again tonight–we’re having a thunderstorm now of all things), I’d find it hard not to admit that climate change is something to ponder. 65 degrees and sunny one day, massive snow storm the next…Who’da thunk. Saturday, given the awesomeness that the weather was, G & I […]

Dark Days: Not Really a Recipe Roasted Vegetables & Mash

This isn’t a recipe, it’s more of a meditation. These days I’ve been rushing around trying to get everything done–laundry, taxes, running, swimming, classes at the Y, cooking, other bits around the house–and I’ve realized that I’ve forgotten how to slow down, how to breathe, how to just chop some vegetables. I’ve also forgotten simple […]

Dark Days: Strawberry Chocolate Raw Cheesecake

That’s a pack of ginger chews in the background, by the way, not cigarettes! (smile) A day late and a dollar short with this Dark Days post, but, to put it delicately, let’s just say that I’ve gotten to know our house’s toilet a little more intimately than I would have liked this week. I’m […]

Dark Days: Orange-ish Broccoli & Bok Choy Stir Fry

This post was fully intended to make this week’s round-up, but things got a little off-kilter this week. It happens. But! Since each week’s post is due by Wednesday night and it’s now Thursday, let’s call this “look, Jes is ahead of schedule and already cooking something for the upcoming week’s Dark Days!” Shall we? […]

Dark Days: Broiled Cabbage with Lime Vinaigrette

This Dark Days post is going to be short & sweet as I’m feeling under the weather–but with such a simple, yet pleasing dish, there’s not much to say. Saturday, we forgot to go to the farmer’s market and, while I have winter squash and sweet potatoes on hand, I just didn’t have it in […]

Dark Days: Spaghetti Squash with Brazil Nut-Basil Pesto, Oven Roasted Tomatoes & Spinach

For this rather drab and dreary (weather-wise) Dark Days post, I’ve decided to throw us a little summertime–compliments of my favorite place up the mountain & a bit of preserving. A skip, hop, and a jump away (well, up) the mountain from Roanoke is Floyd, Virginia–the area that another Dark Days poster, Rebecca, hails from. […]

Dark Days: Collard Greens Casserole

Happy 2012! Feels like forever since I’ve been here, no? I can’t believe it’s a new year again and I’m not used to typing/writing January xx, 2012 yet, but I guess I’ll come around to it sooner or later. I hope everyone’s holidays were spectacular and I’ll be catching up on my blog reading/commenting very […]

Dark Days: Roasted Pumpkin, Turnip, & Garlic Soup with Balsamic Vinegar

I should really learn to come up with short, witty names for my recipes some day–the name “Roasted Pumpkin, Turnip & Garlic Soup with Balsamic Vinegar” is just a wee bit long. But it’s what I got. (smile) The other night found me in the kitchen with a bigger loot of local produce than normal–cleaned […]

Dark Days: Cabbage w/ Coconut & Mustard Seed Curry

Dark Days post #2 and a weeknight quickie: cabbage curry. We had a head of cabbage from the last week of Grandin’s farmers market (Halloween-ish) in the fridge that just needed to be used up–turns out our dead fridge replacement fridge (a nicer used one from an appliance store down the street) has some temperature […]