Stout Cake with Irish Cream Cheese Frosting

stout cake 2

I suppose I thought I’d have more to say after an eight month hiatus. Lots of little life changes, several big ones, quite a few hours spent wondering whether I wanted to resurrect this space or not. In so many ways it seemed like an ultra-dated version of me. Instead of cooking this past year, […]

Spring Market Kale Salad


Today has been the perfect day. And it’s only 1:30 pm right now. (I’m a little worried…how can it get even more perfect than it already is? Bring it world, I’m ready.) Slept in. (Caveat: sleeping in is 7:30 for me now that I wake up at 5 am every morning for work…) Made a […]

Seven Spice Lentil Bulghur Balls

lentil bulgur balls

Somehow it’s almost June. Somehow summer is here, along with her humidity-induced frizzy hair and cookouts and late night bike rides. Somehow spring slipped away and I’m not sure where she went. One thing I do know is that too many hours since February have been spent staring out the windows of this bus. That […]

Korean Inspired Chickpea Noodle Soup


A post! A post, you guys! I think I may have forgotten how to actually write one of these, been so long. Turns out that moving and starting a new job and all that fun stuff + a mega snow storm and all the shenanigans that happened as a result have left me a little […]

New Year’s Stuffed Cabbage


The theme of 2013 and, apparently, 2014 is better late than never, so, a week after the switch to the new year, I’m finally getting around to cooking a celebratory meal. Call it the Fifth Day of New Year, if you will. These stuffed cabbage are actually part of G’s Christmas tradition–one part of the […]

Roasted Sweet Potato & Leek Soup

sweet leek

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day found me curled up on the high on DayQuil and clutching a box of Kleenex, lest anyone tear that precious cardboard box from my paws. It seems that my body knew it was ok to take a break from being awesomely healthy and let loose with a nasty cold during […]

Early December Photologue


Oh the plans, the plans for posting that I had! Let’s just say the first half of December shaped up to be a little more…vibrant? than expected. Some of it good, some of it bad. But definitely lots of good times throughout. So let’s clear out the old iPhone photos for the first half of […]

Sumac Roasted Butternut Salad

sumac salad

Right now I’m holed up in a darling little cabin with a fire roaring in the fireplace, a glass of wine on the coffee table, one of Joanna Vaught’s Christmas playlists streaming (which can we talk for a moment about how genius they are?!), and, obviously, a computer on my lap. I mean, what cabin […]

Mountain Oasis Festival


A couple of weeks ago, G & I jetted down Asheville for the first ever Mountain Oasis Festival.  A weird mash-up of electronic and indie bands, I had no idea what to expect from the whole experience, but, thankfully, it ended up being a blast and totally worth it. By the time tickets were available […]

Autumn’s Best Acorn Squash


The fact that it’s November is completely blowing my mind, you guys. All of a sudden I’m in full Thanksgiving AND Christmas planning mode with lists and notes and recipes scattered everywhere. It’s a madhouse in my brain and I suppose it’s not going to calm down until January. Just in time for all those […]