Swell Zine: Lentil Bolognese

Several years ago (2009?), AK of Swell Vegan published her first zine. And when I say ‘zine,’ I mean gorgeous mini cookbook. While their aren’t any photos, the black cover with gold printed design is enough to sweep you off your feet. In the days before Pinterest and everyone outdoing one another with cute, indie […]

Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook: Roan Mountain Corn Gravy

So I had this plan: this week I was going to focus on featuring zines. I even went through all the zines, picked out recipes to try, and grocery shopped for them. See, I was thinking ahead. (Caveat: I never plan ahead anymore. Once upon a time I used to…) But then this gravy happened. […]

The Craft of the Cocktail: Stone Fence

At my office we honor beer o’ clock–the magical 4 pm hour when we tromp the fridge in the back of the office and pull out a cool one, a craft beer of our own, to sip until we head home for the weekend. I don’t work at Facebook or Zynga or some cool tech […]

Olive Trees & Honey: Yemenite Eggplant Casserole

About a year ago, a store named Ollie’s Bargain Outlet opened up here in Roanoke (well, Salem, technically, but seriously, Salem is pretty much Roanoke, just sayin’) and everyone lost their minds with joy. Or a bunch of people did, at least. I, for one, wrote it off as a Big Lots knock-off and never […]

Vegan with a Vengeance–Chickpea Broccoli Casserole

You know those cookbooks on your shelf that are smudged with flour and oil and tomato sauce? The ones that open to one over-cooked recipe, a new permanent binding crease? Maybe those cookbooks are the ones you inherited, maybe they’re the ones your family loves the most. For me, though, that cookbook is the first […]

Baked Eggplant Parmesan

I pulled the eggplants from the garden today–so sad to yank their roots when violet flowers are still blooming. The poor little plants sure wanted to keep growing, but with the cooler weather and with my fall seedlings needing a home, it was just time. The okra met its maker too. In honor of the […]

Raleigh & Saxapahaw Redux

Two years. Two years simultaneously feels like quite a long time and also like a blink & a bang. A few weekends ago, G & I jetted off to Raleigh & Saxapahaw to celebrate our two years together. Surreal, no? I wouldn’t trade him for the world. The trip started off ominously enough–we took a […]

Sweet Corn Soup with Pesto Biscuits

I need to have a talk with some of you guys–pumpkin recipes already, pumpkin?! Shoot, I’ve got fresh ears of corn and tomatoes ripening every day in the garden. It might be mid-September, but there’s still stone fruit to be baked into pies and eggplant to be baba ganoushed. Pumpkin soup, pumpkin scones, pumpkin lattes, […]

Life Overload & ‘Mexican’ Rice

You know that moment when you look at your calendar and you have no idea how you’re going to fit everything in? It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so utterly swamped on a Monday morning, but here we sit, and I am swamped. In a good way though–work is work and the house […]

Green Curry Stuffed Banana Peppers

Oh, hello cooler weather, how are ya doing? Seriously, I want to sit down with the weather, drink a cup of coffee, and chat about it’s intentions. Is it here to stay? Are we getting some relief? Autumn, is this really you? I don’t know about you all, but I love waking up to these […]