Mountains & Memories: Brevard, NC

The other week, G & I traveled down the Blue Ridge Mountains to Brevard, NC, to visit my father one last time before he jets off to Ecuador. Since he’s still living in my grandparents’ house (nestled on the side of a mountain in Pisgah Forest), it was also, perhaps, the last time I’d be […]

Porotos Granados

My father off to the right, me with a family friend A few years ago I received a call from my father—“I’m moving to Chile in a few weeks to teach English, not sure when I’ll be back.” It wasn’t exactly a stunner, but definitely a turn in events. I knew he’d been planning to […]

Lambstock 2012

Three years ago, Craig Rogers (aka The Shepherd) of Border Springs Farm organized a little event for his restaurant customers. He dubbed it ‘Lambstock’ and chefs and industry folk from all over the southeast arrived to spend a weekend camping, cooking, drinking, and exploring the farm from lambing to border collie agility. Fast forward to […]

The Landing Photo Shoot

Remember a few weeks ago when I asked anyone to guess what I’d been up to? Well the answer, some thousand photos whittled down later, was shooting food and restaurant pictures for The Landing restaurant group! Below you’ll find a smattering of my favorites–no commentary. I am, of course, always looking for new clients to […]

Enchiladas Verde with Cashew Crema

Magically, it’s been a few posts since I wrote about zucchini. I can sense the questions–did they eat it all, did the plant finally die–and, no, unfortunately neither is the case. There’s still about twenty pounds of zucchini hanging around our kitchen and more popping on the plants. Again, I reiterate: if there are only […]

Jimmy Sardines – Roanoke

I meant to write this post seven or eight months ago. I’d taken pictures of the pizza, planned on trying the pasta and subs, was excited about it all. Then I completely forgot. Which is good, since the photos where shot during winter and were pretty darn dark and hard to edit. Now, with summer-lit […]

Fig & Basil Bagels

You know that amazing day when you show up at the farmers market and there are figs? I think I might have danced a little jig when I saw the green pint cartons lined up at Thistle Dew Farm’s table. There’s something so thrilling about their bourbon-plum bodies, the sticky sweet aroma. It’s hard not […]

Guest Blog–Strawberry Bourbon Brown Sugar Preserves

Today I’m excited to share that I’m today’s featured guest blogger over at Virginia is for Bloggers! I stumbled across the group a few weeks ago and, of course, had to join (southwestern Virginia represent!). So when Liz of I Heart Vegetables approached me about guest blogging I knew I wanted to share a boozy, […]

Sneak Peek

Guess what I was up to this past Saturday?

SSFC: Local Brews & Beef

This month is Virginia’s First Craft Brewery Month and, while I didn’t plan for this post to feature one of my favorite Virginia breweries, happenstance ruled that today’s SSFC, the first of August, would center on craft brews and some local eats. No matter what state you live in, take a chance this month to […]