Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Cake


You guys, you guys, it’s Vegan MoFo already?! How awesome/exhilarating/exhausting is that?! I’m beyond stoked to participate again this year (and I’ve been cook quite a bit in advance in order to actually post every weekday for the month of September) and I can’t believe that it’s my 6th MoFo. 6 years. Time flies. Last […]

Barcelona Wrap-Up


And we’ve finally made it to the wrap-up of odd and ends of eating and tromping through Barcelona.  It’s been quite the week, right? Because Primavera Sound ran from 6 pm to 6 am, we spent those days sleeping in as long as possible, waking up for lunch (and sometimes running to get lunch before […]

Cooking the Magazines: Cantaloupe Risotto

cantaloupe risotto

Oh hey there! It’s been… um … a month? I guess I should post some big ol’ thing about why I’ve been gone but, really, no one wants to hear all that. There was stuff. And it happened. And now it’s August somehow! Oh, I did score a new cat! Or a new cat scored […]

RVA Eats: Dutch & Company


So, why are you going to Richmond? To see the National. Oh, cool venue–what band? No…we’re seeing the National at the National. … Pretty much every conversation for the first week of June went something like that. Meta, right? Pretty damn good show too. A little…more Pop music-ish than I expected (I guess I forgot […]

Beyond Meat Chicken Tacos w/ Mango Salsa & Verde Crema


Often, the highlight of travel for me is grocery shopping in whatever new town I’m in. Sometimes it’s at farmers markets, sometimes just at Whole Foods, but every time I always find some new vegetable or product to play around with. A few weeks ago during a weekend trip to Richmond, I stumbled across the […]

Curried Carrot Soup & Lazy Days Samosas

carrot soup samosas

Nope, still no Barcelona posts. I’m such a tease, but I promise they’ll be coming–and sooner than later because… dum dum dum … we are renovating our kitchen! And that means that there will be quite a few weeks of limited access to stoves and ovens and counters so during that time I’ll run some […]

Broccoli Greens Saag Tofu

Broccoli Saag

Barcelona updates soon, but I’m still a little overwhelmed by it (if you’re interested in the meantime find me @JesGearing on Instagram–there’s a bevy of Barca pics!) But for now, Broccoli Saag Tofu. Saag. Defined: a leaf-based dish eaten in South Asia. Typically eaten with a flat bread like roti or naan. Funny how if […]

Bikes, Brews, & Good Eats


Oh hey everyone! I didn’t forget about you. Pinky promise. See, I kindof went to Barcelona and forgot to tell everyone. I know. Who does that? So, while I have hundreds of Barcelona photos to sort through and edit and make blog posts with, I figured I’d ease back into blogging with something a little […]

Orange Rosemary Cornbread French Toast

cornbread french toast

Once upon a time, I used to make brunch every weekend. It generally incuded staples like Tempeh Tube Sausage and Banana Bourbon Pecan Waffles. Plenty of French Press coffee and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me was involved. It was a pretty swell tradition. These weekends, I often don’t brunch much (and when I do it’s […]

Rosemary Orange Cornbread

orange cornbread

This past Saturday, May 11, I made a pot of chili.  Yes, chili.  As in football season, sweaters, and autumn leaves chili (it was a riff on this ye olde recipe, in case you were wondering). Why the chili? It was raining. And raining. And windy. And cold (well, cold-ish–too cold for May, at least). […]