Vegan Tacos Al Pastor

al pastor

I had a moment this week. (Yes, I know it’s only Tuesday and I’m calling it “this week”–but it’s been one of those weeks already.) And while I’m dying to talk about these tacos (oh my god, seriously, look at them!), I want to spend a few minutes exploring what happened. And why it mattered […]

Bubblecake & Viva La Cupcake – Roanoke, VA


Just a little change of pace for the blog – below is a rejected copy of my first article and photo gig for The Roanoker Magazine. The published article can be found in the magazine (as well as a few more photos here), but I wanted to give you all a taste of what I’ve […]

Butternut Chickpea Fritters with Kale Winter Slaw


If you’ve been following my blog for very long, you’ll know that I have a conflicted relationship with frying things. You see, I love all the fried goodies in this world–beignets? Pass them to me, please. Veggie corn dogs? Um, yes. Deep fried mushrooms? Whoever invented those little morsels of goodness was on the right […]

Tomato & Sourdough Soup

tomato sourdough soup

So the question remains: what does one person do with two loaves of sourdough bread? (Well, besides use up one loaf to make toast points for a Superbowl party–all of which were eaten, praise be to hot crab & spinach artichoke dips.) Make soup! Make soup? Yup, I would have never gone that route. Makes […]

Sourdough Experiment


Oh hey there, I said I’d post the winner last weekend, didn’t I? Well, better late than never, right? Time to pick a Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil winner! Drumroll please…. And the winner is Brittany of The Pistachio Project! Thanks, everyone, for entering the giveaway. It was really fun to host and […]

Metro! – Roanoke Restaurant Week 2013


Oh, Downtown Roanoke Restaurant Week, why did it take you so long to come about and why are you so short? There so many restaurants in this town that I haven’t tried yet and your easy to pick from three-course menus make it all the easier. But thank you, Metro!, for extending your restaurant week […]

Ginger-Orange Stir Fry

orange tofu

**Reminder** I’m giving away 1 16 oz jar of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil–you can enter until Friday, February 8! Remember when it snowed the other week & we had to do a quick harvest on the Chinese cabbages I’d planted this winter? Well, I just realized the other day that I’d forgotten to […]

Coconut-Tofu Tacos w/ Coconut Mango Slaw


You know how everyone gets on board with New Year’s Resolutions? Plans to eat healthier, lose some weight, travel more, fall in love with yourself. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t bad, but the problem is that .000001% of us actually follow-through. That slice of pizza didn’t count, right? Thinking that I’m not good enough—well, […]

Pakistani Red Lentil Dal


It’s funny how much I let the weather determine my food cravings. Warm & sunny – tacos, cold & rainy (or snowy as the case lately has been) – curries or stews. This week just means I’ve been schizo on my wants: today, 65 degrees, Friday, going to be snowing with a high of 29. […]

Alexander’s — Roanoke Restaurant Week 2013


I’m losing more and more reasons every day, it seems, to complain about the state of dining in Roanoke (not that there was *that* much to complain about anyway). See, this month for the first time ever, Roanoke decided to hold a Downtown Roanoke Restaurant Week. For one week straight (going on now through tomorrow […]