Monday Archive: Roasted Parsnip Hummus

There are a lot of cool perks about my job–a low key office that’s very un-PC (in all the best ways), beer o’clock on Friday afternoon at 4, the fact that no one cared how I found all the extra monitors and set them up in my cube–but one of the newest awesome things is […]

Monday Archive: Smoky Split Pea Soup

A day late and a dollar short, Merry Christmas to everyone! G & I enjoyed a very relaxed holiday, with plenty of movie watching, couch lazing, and mixed drink making (Sazeracs are just ohsogood with Fee Brothers Bitters!) Dorian, while still not super interested in the Christmas tree, did decide to model in front of […]

Monday(ish) Archive: Eggnog Cupcakes

It’s Monday somewhere, right? (ok, ok, I’m pretty sure it isn’t…but things derail occasionally and we’ll just pretend it’s Monday). I know most of you guys have been posting Holiday-themed goodies for the past week or so, but I’m running a little late in the game. Better late than never, yes? So here’s some goodness […]

Monday Archive: Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

Oh my goodness gracious–is it the last night of MoFo? I can’t believe it’s actually over and, even though I was getting a little tuckered out, it seems like it flew by. I’ve met so many new bloggers and filed away so many recipes, tips, and techniques for the future, and, to some extent, even […]

Monday Archive: “Beef,” Leek & Barley Soup

Ahhhh, the weekend. Mine was mostly filled with sanding and more sanding and a bit more sanding, but I was able last night to take a mini break and cook up a pot of soup for the coming week and watch a little NFL. Yup, I like football. A lot. And both of the teams […]

Monday Archive: Hostel Bread

Apologies for the brief lapse in posts on Friday afternoon!  G & I took a mini-vacation to Richmond to get away from the house renovation (we very much needed that breather), and I had hoped to post something before we hit the road, but never got a chance.  So that brings us to Monday Archive […]

Monday Archive: Best Salad Ever

The other night while we were eating yummy veg food & listening to some great music in Blacksburg (the topic of tomorrow’s post–hooray for Gillie’s!), our friend R came up in the conversation. R is that person who, even in the face of cell phones and facebook and everyone knowing everyone else’s business, still manages […]

Monday Archive: Tempeh Tube Sausage

Well, I’ve got some pumpkin spice granola and a cup of coffee in me, so I’m ready to hit the MoFo Monday madness that’s in store! (Oh and btw WordPress just informed me that this is my 400th post!  Woohoo, what a run the past 4ish years have been!  Loving it!)  The weekend was super […]

Monday Archive: Oreo Cookie Cookies

Ahhh Monday–I’m really trying to focus on liking Mondays these days. Yup, the weekend was wonderful and waaaay too short (we went to G’s engineering group 26th annual pig roast on Saturday–too much fun, meant to take pictures…but, oh well), but I really need to get my butt in “adult” gear and starting living my […]

Paco’s Tacos & Monday Archive

In this morning’s office meeting (I work at a small firm these days), someone brought up that September starts this week–say what?! Personally, I’m disturbed by this turn of events. Where did August go? Did someone steal it from me? And what did I do this summer? I guess I feel this way mostly because, […]