“Staycation” at Luray


On the drive to the cabin (somewhere in VA on I-81) I think I finally caught up with everyone’s Thanksgiving posts–dang, ya’ll, you cooked up some amazing meals!  Hello UnTurkey Roast and brussels sprouts and THE most adorable pumpkin shaped rolls! My actual Tday dinner wasn’t so thrilling (or vegan)–simply a crockpot cooked pot roast […]

Day Trip to Montserrat


I’m going to do this post a little differently than normal. See, we went to this magical place called Montserrat while we were in Barcelona. I knew very little going into the day–I knew that we had to take a train an hour or so outside of town. I knew that it was a monastery […]

Give Thanks


Tomorrow, I’ll sit down with family and share a meal.  We’ll drink a little too much wine, gorge ourselves on pie, and, generally, make a fantastic mess of the kitchen and dining room.  It’s maybe the one time each year I’m pro-mess–shows how much we love each other, right? As I write this (on Tuesday […]

Blue Ridge Parkway & Plant

Have you ever had a moment when you’re driving and you see a sign or a turn off and you say, what the hell, and take it, even though it’s going to add time to your route or maybe even take you off course? I’ll admit, I rarely do that. But on the way back […]

Mountains & Memories: Brevard, NC

The other week, G & I traveled down the Blue Ridge Mountains to Brevard, NC, to visit my father one last time before he jets off to Ecuador. Since he’s still living in my grandparents’ house (nestled on the side of a mountain in Pisgah Forest), it was also, perhaps, the last time I’d be […]

Crazy Ass Backpacking/Whatever Girls’ Weekend

Things often turn out differently than I think they will. I mean, that’s the truth with pretty much anything–from that potato salad I posted on Monday to trying to understand family dynamics. And, trust me, I don’t like it. I’m a planner. I’m really big into Google Docs (or Drive, whatever it’s called now), researching […]

My Mother’s Visit, Part II

After all the wine & sun & music, it was time for some dining–specifically a meal at Blue Apron Restaurant in Salem (the town connected to Roanoke). (Oh, p.s. their website now has a menu & some other useful info–hurrah!) I booked the meal a week in advance since the restaurant really fills up, and […]

Dark Days: Kale & Arugula Salad with Roasted Acorn Squash

So, global climate change anyone? After this weekend (and again tonight–we’re having a thunderstorm now of all things), I’d find it hard not to admit that climate change is something to ponder. 65 degrees and sunny one day, massive snow storm the next…Who’da thunk. Saturday, given the awesomeness that the weather was, G & I […]

McAfee’s Knob Hike & Geeking Out on Windows 8

Photo credit G As anyone who follows my Twitter feed may have noticed, it’s been a little geeky these past two days. The reason? Windows BUILD, the developer conference featuring Windows 8, the upcoming version. The bigger question, though, is why the hell I care. I don’t really, but I do. It’s oh-so-complicated.  (Isn’t everything […]

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Our campsite at Douthat Before I get into the recap (Labor Day weekend was incredibly wonderful all around & I hope you all had as much fun as I did), I just got home from my first massage in years. And I feel…strange. Relaxed, definitely, but also so happy that I’m sad, or melancholic at […]