Black & White Chili

I hope everyone had a great weekend, for me, this weekend was just as wonderful as I wanted it to be! I did indeed buy a new pair of running shoes (Brooks! With inserts because, as I’ve learned, my feet aren’t so stellar and need the help), I got a lot of work done on […]

Backyard Salamander

Here’s the weekend installment of amazing-things-I-find-in-my-backyard. With all the rain bursts we’ve had lately, I’ve been finding quite a few salamanders running around. This orange one, though, really caught my eye. He enjoyed hamming it up for the camera too (although maybe he was just glad I wasn’t a bird who wanted to eat him). […]

Rain Day

The view from my office window Slow and steady rain at the cabin today and I’m playing hooky from work for a few hours. It’s just too hard when there’s so much to enjoy. A pot of geraniums I picked up at market There’s so much to say and so little time, so I’m leaving […]

Let it snow!

I fully intended on giving you all a lovely recipe today, but I managed to get super sick last night (and thus just barely miss hanging out with Jessy at the Pine Street Barber Shop–it’s such a small world, holy crap!) But the savior of the story is the snow–lots of snow! All week, the […]

Why I love Virginia

It’s good to be home.  I never thought I’d call Roanoke, Virginia, home, but, well, I’ve said it.  But really, landing on the tarmac today was a breath of relief.  Less than two months in to this “small town” (medium-sized town, but small for my citygirl experience), I found myself in big-city-overload as soon as […]

McAfee’s Knob

One of the best things about living in Roanoke, to me at least (the folks over at Blog Roanoke might have other opinions!), is the fact that a mere 20 minutes (yes, twenty minutes) from my driveway lies the Appalachian Trail. Back in Georgia I used to claim to love hiking and backpacking. The claim […]

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Boston Wrap-Up

I suppose I owe you that wrap-up…they’re so tedious when one doesn’t take photos of food in a restaurant!  Enjoy the scenery instead! Thursday, December 18 We arrived in Boston with no problems, dropped our bags off at the apartment, and drove to Grasshopper in Brookline.  Grasshopper is a vegan Chinese restaurant with a bazillion […]

Fripp Island Recap

Waking up in one’s own bed after an amazing weekend of drinks, hot tubs, great conversations, the roaring surf, and good good good food is never fun.  The weather was perfect (in my opinion): one night rainy, the next day foggy, the next day sunny and the temperature hovered in the mid-sixties during the day […]

Wordless Monday

At Fernbank Science Center