Porotos Granados

My father off to the right, me with a family friend A few years ago I received a call from my father—“I’m moving to Chile in a few weeks to teach English, not sure when I’ll be back.” It wasn’t exactly a stunner, but definitely a turn in events. I knew he’d been planning to […]

Fig & Basil Bagels

You know that amazing day when you show up at the farmers market and there are figs? I think I might have danced a little jig when I saw the green pint cartons lined up at Thistle Dew Farm’s table. There’s something so thrilling about their bourbon-plum bodies, the sticky sweet aroma. It’s hard not […]

SSFC: Local Brews & Beef

This month is Virginia’s First Craft Brewery Month and, while I didn’t plan for this post to feature one of my favorite Virginia breweries, happenstance ruled that today’s SSFC, the first of August, would center on craft brews and some local eats. No matter what state you live in, take a chance this month to […]

Zucchini Blackberry Bread

Wow, I had an amazing time at FloydFest this past weekend—tons of friends and lovely strangers dancing their hearts out to everything from old school bluegrass to the Punch Brothers to Matisyahu. The weather held out for us and it didn’t rain the entire time I was there (G got a little soaked on Friday […]


I’ve been struggling lately with failure. It’s something I don’t like to talk about–I mean, who does? Who wants to openly admit that they’ve failed at something? Take these plum clafoutis for example. I couldn’t resist the golden plums glimmering in the early morning sun at market this past Saturday. They called out to me. […]

Coriander Tempeh & Zucchini w/ Couscous Upma

As part of our guest post exchange, my recipe (or my take on two different already published recipes) for Coriander Tempeh & Zucchni with Couscous Upma is posted over at Eileen’s blog (Ham Pie Sandwiches)! Head over there for a story about four pound zucchinis and vegan Indian-inspired food with a local, SSFC twist. So […]

Unfinished Old Fashioned

What’s one to do with a haul of end-of-season cherries? The last of the bunch, the ones you want to savor for the rest of the year, but dangit, it’s way too hot to bring water to a rolling boil, way too hot to put anything into a pot to cook down and preserve. Thankfully, […]

SSFC: Green Smoothies

A day late and a dollar short to the party (oh heck yes, I’ll mix metaphors if I want!), I’m here offering a humble green smoothie. Bright green. Super green. And chock full of fresh, local fruits and veggies like chard and nectarines and blueberries. The green smoothie revolution started a long time ago, and […]

Market-Fresh Potato Salad

It almost feels like cheating to post this recipe–so simple, so “throw what you want in it,” so delicious. And, hey, it’s not like I haven’t posted a potato salad (or this one) on the blog before. But you can never have too many, especially now that it’s summer (give or take two days, obviously) […]

SSFC: Farm Fresh Stir-Fry

Ahhh, the weekend–why over so soon? I don’t know about you guys, but I had a fantastic one. Some yard work, baking cupcakes for coworkers’ birthdays this week, Big Lick Beertopia on Saturday, a hike with friends today–couldn’t get much nicer. Also nice, discovering that I have enough recipes & reviews in the pipeline to […]