Seven Spice Lentil Bulghur Balls

lentil bulgur balls

Somehow it’s almost June. Somehow summer is here, along with her humidity-induced frizzy hair and cookouts and late night bike rides. Somehow spring slipped away and I’m not sure where she went. One thing I do know is that too many hours since February have been spent staring out the windows of this bus. That […]

Early December Photologue


Oh the plans, the plans for posting that I had! Let’s just say the first half of December shaped up to be a little more…vibrant? than expected. Some of it good, some of it bad. But definitely lots of good times throughout. So let’s clear out the old iPhone photos for the first half of […]

“Staycation” at Luray


On the drive to the cabin (somewhere in VA on I-81) I think I finally caught up with everyone’s Thanksgiving posts–dang, ya’ll, you cooked up some amazing meals!  Hello UnTurkey Roast and brussels sprouts and THE most adorable pumpkin shaped rolls! My actual Tday dinner wasn’t so thrilling (or vegan)–simply a crockpot cooked pot roast […]

Mountain Oasis Festival


A couple of weeks ago, G & I jetted down Asheville for the first ever Mountain Oasis Festival.  A weird mash-up of electronic and indie bands, I had no idea what to expect from the whole experience, but, thankfully, it ended up being a blast and totally worth it. By the time tickets were available […]

Charlottesville Weekend, Part II

three notch

You guys…I’ve burned out of MoFo. Officially. All the best laid plans and intentions seriously couldn’t prepare me for how hard doing MoFo in September was going to be. Normally it’s a challenge–but it’s always been fun! Fun! That’s the point, right? Community and fun and pushing ourselves to post tons about awesome vegan eats […]

Charlottesville Weekend


For anyone who’s been following on me on Instagram these past few days (sorry for the non-veganness!), you already know that G & spent the weekend getting away from it all in Charlottesville. We both love Cville and visit fairly often to catch shows for an evening, but rarely do we ever get the chance […]

Barcelona Wrap-Up


And we’ve finally made it to the wrap-up of odd and ends of eating and tromping through Barcelona.  It’s been quite the week, right? Because Primavera Sound ran from 6 pm to 6 am, we spent those days sleeping in as long as possible, waking up for lunch (and sometimes running to get lunch before […]

Primavera Sound 2013


So there was this day back in January or February–whenever the full line-up for Primavera Sound was announced–when I emailed G and said something to the effect of, “holy shit we should go to Primavera Sound!” The partial line-up read thusly: Jesus & Mary Chain, Postal Service, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Wu Tang […]

Day Trip to Montserrat


I’m going to do this post a little differently than normal. See, we went to this magical place called Montserrat while we were in Barcelona. I knew very little going into the day–I knew that we had to take a train an hour or so outside of town. I knew that it was a monastery […]

Day Trip to Figueres


One of the cool things about staying for over a week in Barcelona is that there are plenty of fun day trips to take out of the city. While we’d hoped to spend a day lazing on the beach, the unseasonably cool weather (long sleeves during the day, for example, and coats at night) meant […]