Barcelona Part 2


Nothing is more quintessential Barcelona than a day full of Gaudi’s architecture and good food and wine, right?  Although G previously visited both Casa Milà and Sagrada Família, he was more than game to go again with me, so off we went! Originally built as a home for Roser Segimon and Pere Milà, Casa Milà evolved into apartments […]

Barcelona Part 1


Barcelona! I have this dream of one day showing up in a foreign country and being alert and ready to tackle the day–you know, take note of the architecture, the smells, people watch. Instead I generally collapse in a heap in a taxi and pray I make it to the hotel so I can nap. […]

RVA Eats: Dutch & Company


So, why are you going to Richmond? To see the National. Oh, cool venue–what band? No…we’re seeing the National at the National. … Pretty much every conversation for the first week of June went something like that. Meta, right? Pretty damn good show too. A little…more Pop music-ish than I expected (I guess I forgot […]

Asheville: Part II

chai pani

Anyone get hungry reading the first installment of our Asheville trip? I seriously did when I wrote it (WHITE DUCK TACOS COME TO ME). Thankfully, though, the eating and frolicking around the city didn’t end after just one evening–we still had Sunday to enjoy. For breakfast, we braved the crowd at Tupelo Honey, a little […]

Asheville: Part I


Is there anyone who doesn’t love Asheville? It reminds me so much of Portland, Maine–a town full of restaurants, breweries, outdoorsy people, and plenty of young families with cute pups in tow. Even though I grew up visiting Brevard, NC, on a regular basis (a mere 40 minute drive south, I never actually visited Asheville […]

Atlanta Recap: Sublime Doughnuts, Leon’s, Floataway Cafe, Ria’s Bluebird (and El Taco Veloz in Charlotte)


Oh these dreams I have of updating my blog on a regular basis… You know the drill. (smile) So. Atlanta. Hey, at least I’m finishing the recap before the end of the month (barely)! Post-food-coma, G & I met up with a friend for breakfast on that Saturday, but the food was incredibly crappy (seriously […]

Atlanta Recap: General Muir, Botanical Gardens, Zyka, & Soul Veg


A few weekends ago (I guess March 1 is a few weekends ago now, huh), G & I drove down to Atlanta for a quick weekend of eating, exploring, hanging out with friends, and poetry listening. It’s always tough to choose where to eat a meal (I still keep up with all the Atlanta restaurant […]

Christmas Travels: Mobile


Christmas–it seems like such a long time ago now, doesn’t it? Especially since we’re experiencing a freakish (-ly wonderful) warm front with 70 degree temperatures and sunshine. Makes me feel all warm and cozy like those blood oranges from my mother’s tree. (Yes, I guess that’s why you live in places like Mobile, AL–blood orange […]

Christmas Travels: New Orleans

new orleans

Note: I’m doing a little 2013 Creative Pay-It-Forward over on my Facebook Page. If you’re interested in receiving a little edible gift from me at some point during the year, head over to the FB Page and leave a comment. I’m looking to spread a little cheer this year, hope you’ll join me! New Orleans […]

Mixed: Food Bloggers Conference


So now that you’ve made it through the epic Thanksgiving post, how about the epic Mixed Conference 2012 post? Two weekends ago (November 30-December 2), I was lucky enough to travel down the road to Mixed, a food bloggers conference held at Mountain Lake in southwest Virginia. Having never been to a food bloggers conference, […]