Virginia–Looking Back & Forward


Four years ago I wrote this brief post after John McCain conceded to Barack Obama. It was a momentous night–the first African American president, the nation laying down a mandate against the Bush initiatives, and the first Presidential election that I could vote in. While I was nervous and fearful of what the outcome might […]

Blue Ridge Parkway & Plant

Have you ever had a moment when you’re driving and you see a sign or a turn off and you say, what the hell, and take it, even though it’s going to add time to your route or maybe even take you off course? I’ll admit, I rarely do that. But on the way back […]

Atlanta Eats, Part II

While one and a half days is not enough time to eat all the vegan goodness in Atlanta, I certainly tried my best. After the uber filling dinner of Delia’s, I lost a bit of time Tuesday morning due to the whole keys-locked-in-trunk thing. Thankfully I was still pretty stuffed from the night before, so […]

Atlanta Eats, Part I

A day late and a dollar short–turns out my Atlanta trip got a little more exciting yesterday morning when I locked my keys in my trunk. Whoops. So my schedule (of eating–what else?) was thrown off and left no time for blogging. It happens, though right? (Oh, and AAA saved the day and broke into […]

Bean Vegan Cuisine & Cyclocross

Vegan MoFo hits the road! I haven’t shared this with you all yet, but exciting news in my world–I accepted an offer to work with Starlight Custom Cycling Apparel as a marketing/sales opps person! While my other job was a fine job, it was just that: a job. Starlight, I have a feeling, will be […]

Warrior Dash & Vegan Richmond

Going to Richmond in October (and thus during most MoFos) seems to be a theme for me. Most years, I head east to see my family at the Richmond Folk Festival, but this year was for a completely different reason–the Virginia Warrior Dash. Let’s talk for a minute about my running style–I love trail running […]


This weekend was a whirlwind of running, mudding (by accident—more on that story later this week), popping ibuprofin, napping, and eating far too much good food in Richmond, Virginia. Love that town. While more of the recap will show up this week during Vegan MoFo (can’t wait for that to get started tomorrow!), tonight I’m […]

Raleigh & Saxapahaw Redux

Two years. Two years simultaneously feels like quite a long time and also like a blink & a bang. A few weekends ago, G & I jetted off to Raleigh & Saxapahaw to celebrate our two years together. Surreal, no? I wouldn’t trade him for the world. The trip started off ominously enough–we took a […]

Mountains & Memories: Brevard, NC

The other week, G & I traveled down the Blue Ridge Mountains to Brevard, NC, to visit my father one last time before he jets off to Ecuador. Since he’s still living in my grandparents’ house (nestled on the side of a mountain in Pisgah Forest), it was also, perhaps, the last time I’d be […]

Site Design, #NoBuy August, & FloydFest

Happy August everyone! I’d hoped to get this post up yesterday, actually on August 1, but a storm took out our power until an hour or so ago. Let’s pretend it’s still the first day of August, then, shall we? First things first, to go with the start of the month I have a few […]