Off to FloydFest!

I’m off to FloydFest for the weekend & with all the packing and preparing, I don’t have a post for today. Look for (hopefully) a fun recap next week of the music & eats & hanging out that’s sure to ensue!

Sunset Beach, NC — 2012

We headed back to Sunset Beach, NC, last week for a few days of resting, beaching, and overall attempting-to-not-burn-ing, so bear with me, but there’s no SSFC this week, just a collection of Instagrams of the trip. (Nope, I don’t have a smart phone still, but I used G’s to take these. One day, one […]

Day in Durham

What’s a solo girl to do after the amazing experience in Saxapahaw? What could ever measure up to great food, an awesome friend, and a fantastic band? Spending the day (or morning and early afternoon, at least) tromping around Durham to see what it has to offer, of course! After spending a rather restless night […]

Saxapahaw, NC–The Eddy & Archers of Loaf

Have you ever traveled somewhere and been completely blown away by the place you’re standing in? The realization that somewhere you thought was nowhere was actually the place you wish you lived in? Or at least a place within thirty minutes of you? That place where each little store and restaurant feels handpicked for you […]

Part VI: Birthday in Paris

And now for the final installment (I promise a bright citrusy tofu recipe for the next post! And garden updates! And other recipes in the very close future!) of our England-Paris trip–our final day in Paris which, coincidentally, was also my 25th birthday (no really, we didn’t plan it that way, it just worked out, […]

Part V: Gold, Bones, & Gaspard de la Nuit

Not every meal in Paris can be “THE BEST” meal, can it? I think it can. Who is to say that, with the right preparation, one can’t eat an entirely new and amazing and utterly delicious meal every single time? Point in case, Happy Nouilles, this fantastic little Chinese place on Rue Beaubourg. The draw? […]

Part IV: Love Letter to Paris

Oh Paris, you’re just amazing. That view you gave us from our apartment, the windows flung open to let the evening breeze finger through? I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget the doves (pigeons, what have you) cooing from the rooftops, Marais unfolding as a series of terra cotta roofs. And that apartment! Sure it […]

Part III: The “Rest” of London

It’s hard to “see” any city in only a few days, so the “rest of London” is really quite a joke, but let’s just cram in the remainder of our London segment in this post, shall we? The first evening in London, strangely enough, we saw the Queen. Yup, she’s waaaaaaay back there in her […]

Part II: Foodie Adventure Day (FAD) in London

Sometime a while back I wrote to Monica of Smarter Fitter and wrote I’m coming to England in March, want to meet up? That one little email wasn’t the easiest to write, I’m never sure what people actually think of me (you think I’d be over that 5 years into this blog) and I’ve never […]

Part I: Tiverton & Minehead

It’s incredible to think that we’re back in the US–and have been for over a week now; one of those things where it seemed like the trip might never happen (we originally bought tickets for the festival in February of 2011) and now, poof, it’s over. Ready to be parsed and digested. Or at least […]