We Made It!!!!

Paddington Station We’re over in England & France for the next two weeks–hopefully I’ll update a bit as I go. But for now, we’ve been on the road/in the air for who knows how long, time to sleep!

Gymnopedie–Athens, GA

It’s very rare that a restaurant captivates me the way that Gymnopedie, in Athens, Georgia, did. It’s a tiny space–seats sixteen people–and it’s a vegetarian restaurant, something most chefs would shy away from, but it’s a space that tells stories–stories about food, about place, about each ingredient’s potential, and, most importantly, stories that reflect back […]

Athens, GA: Part I

That delightful virus that socked me a few weeks ago proved a bit of a dilemma: G & I had tickets to the Jeff Mangum show in Athens, GA–not only a long weekend away, but also the beginning of the culmination of a dream we thought we’d never see played out (seeing Mangum play live […]

Raleigh Wrap-Up: J Betski’s, Foundation, & The Federal

Well, The Federal is technically in Durham, but for brevity’s sake in the title, we’ll call it Raleigh… Oh my goodness, I’m seriously behind schedule here. I keep not getting things done during the week (i.e. not posting) and then I’m faced with a mountain of restaurant recaps and recipes. So! To tidy things up, […]

Holy Taco–Atlanta

A few years ago (February 2008), chef Robert Phalen opened Holy Taco in East Atlanta. While that was still when I lived in Atlanta, I never made it to the restaurant graced with so much love by John Kessler, the food critic at the AJC, Besha and Cliff of Creative Loafing, and the host of […]

Girls’ Night Out: Haru Ichiban–Atlanta

The week between Christmas and New Year’s, I jetted down to Atlanta for a couple of days to catch up with my family. We have a small but very complicated family, and given that my mother moved away from Atlanta a month after I moved north to Virginia, I don’t get to see anyone very […]

The Pixies & Pho Hien Vuong–Greensboro, NC

Apologies for the delay in posts–this damn house will be the death of me! All weekend and Monday night was spent frantically finishing as many projects as possible before the guys who are refinishing the floors started. Those closets? All primed & painted (that was my main job all weekend)! The banister? Stripped of paint […]

King’s Dominion & Whole Foods Pizza

Tip 1: After a long day of shopping (for dresses and boots and shoes and luggage oh my!), when you’re cranky, it’s probably because you didn’t eat enough. Get the vegan pizza at Whole Foods. They’re masters in the art of Daiya. Tip 2: If you want to go to an amusement park, go during […]

Huynh’s Restaurant–Richmond

This post is going to be short and sweet–the sanding tonight caught up to me. On Saturday night in Richmond, G & I were able to share dinner with my uncle and his wife at a Vietnamese restaurant in town. Although I was itching to try Mekong, my uncle said that a restaurant right across […]

821 Cafe, Take Four

A glance at my list of restaurant reviews tells me that I’ve written about 821 Cafe three previous times–in October 2009 and March & July of 2010. My goodness gracious, I guess I like this place a lot? But a trip to Richmond is no trip at all without some 821 brunchy goodness, so this […]