Udipi Cafe–Atlanta

Finally, back to blogging! It seems that whenever I get in a groove of updating, something happens. This time, part-way into the Atlanta trip, my camera decided to stop transferring images. Which meant I needed to get a card reader. Best Buy, unfortunately, charges double what Amazon does, so it was really a smarter option […]


When John Watson of the AJC called Bocado’s burger the “Best Burger (Stack)” in April’s Spring 2011 Dining Guide, I thought Bocado might be a restaurant to add to the list. But then when Creative Loafing included the burger in its “100 Dishes to Eat in Atlanta Before You Die” round-up, I knew I had […]


Oh look, a post! Do you know what that means? I’m done! DONE! I done got me another diploma, Chaucer be damned! Graduation is next week and I won’t be walking for it, but you can bet your best two cents that I’ll take a picture with it to post next week. For the first […]

The Pig–Chapel Hill

Some of you might be wondering if I ever cook anymore. The answer, unfortunately, is not so much. Cooking for this week consisted of one giant batch of pasta with mushrooms and broccoli which I’ve eaten at least one meal of a day for the last five days, and today, finally, I cooked something for […]

Mediterranean Deli–Chapel Hill

Wow, this trip recap seems to be taking a year. I’ve been in the weeds with finishing up my MFA lately–this past Friday the first draft of my thesis was due, tonight I had an exam in my class on Chaucer, Friday is my Comprehensive Exam, then there’s a 20 page paper due for Chaucer, […]

Taco Trucks & Biscuit Drive-Thrus & Coffee (Lots of Coffee)

While I love a good fancy-pants meal like the one at Lantern, I satisfied my other serious cravings and cheap food trucks, drive-thrus, and coffee shops.  My bigger complaints about Roanoke is the lack of good, cheap food (everything is generally either “pricey” a la Local Roots or Lucky or disgusting & cheap a la […]

Lantern: Chapel Hill, NC

With this post, I bring you to Chapel Hill Week(s): the week or so you’re going to see only Chapel Hill related posts due to a series of weekends in the delightful North Carolina Piedmont college town.  The fact that, before last weekend, I had never visited Chapel Hill astounds me: I’m from Atlanta, I […]

A Very Veggie Burger Tour of DC

D.C. was one of those trips that was filled with really excellent moments–you know, those moments where you think, damn, that was weird, but then keep going and don’t think about it too much. I was able to catch up with old friends (more to come later!), be surrounded by ten hundred million writers (ok, […]

Birch & Barley–Washington D.C.

I’m just going to go ahead and start my D.C. recap with a bang–the best meal I ate last week–and then go back through the others, some of which were more memorable, some more tasty, some more imbued with my love of Twin Peaks. Hawk, is there any clue you can’t sniff out? God, I […]

On the Road Review: Sluggo’s in Pensacola

All of the very best intentions can be laid to waste by a snowstorm. Hence my general lack of posts the past week and a half. When I left Roanoke for New Orleans, I was snowed out of the cabin, thus unable to pack or get the Christmas gifts for my family (luckily I had […]