Vegan MoFo Day 20: Mad Mex–Pittsburgh

Wait, what?  It’s the end of Vegan MoFo 2010?!  Already?!  Aren’t we just getting going? I have to admit, though, I’m a bit whipped.  My goal was to post every weekday, which I missed two of due to Thanksgiving/G’s birthday, but I still made 20 posts.  I’m pleased with that!  I’m still annoyed that I […]

Vegan MoFo Day 18: Vegan in Pittsburg–Udipi Cafe

Sometimes life hands you the most amazing surprises–Udipi Cafe in Monroeville, a suburb outside of Pittsburgh, is one of those.  While I expected cabbage & pierogies & other eastern European delicacies, I definitely didn’t think I’d find the best Indian food I’ve had outside of Atlanta (not to mention a restaurant with the name of […]

Philadelphia Mini-Trip 2010

The other week I lucked out and was able to head north to Philadelphia to catch the Pavement show and eat some rockin’ food. All my other trips to Philly have been bike-food oriented, and I’ve always just crashed on random folks’ couches, so this time–a trip with a hotel booked downtown, an amazing reunion […]

Vegan in Harrisburg, PA

Monday, August 23, marked the last day of travel for the Great Nova Scotia Road Trip of 2010.  G & I left Portland with heavy hearts (Zoe slept all night curled up between us, the perfect tiny Jack Russell bedmate) and hit the road around 5:30/6 am for the final 13 hours or so back […]

Return to Portland

By nighttime that Saturday of driving, when we finally arrived in Portland, Maine, once again, we looked like zombies. Honestly, the drive didn’t seem that insane while we were doing it, but by the time we were an hour or two out of the city, we were ready to be there. And one of the […]

Leaving Sydney & The World’s Largest Axe

Sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile, that’s about to change! I have a slew of recipes & another trip to post (Philly! Don’t worry, that one will fit in one post). But for now I’ve been struggling with cabin life and no water. That’s right, no water. It’s taken up a lot of my energy, […]

Cape Breton, Some More

For some reason, after our whiskey beach night we didn’t manage to wake up super early in the morning at go find moose.  I have no idea why not… (smile) After I work up I went to the beach, clambered up a rock and ate a Cliff Bar while watching the waves roll in. We […]

Cape Breton: Delicious Whiskey & The Most Beautiful Place I’ve Ever Been

After crossing the canal into Cape Breton, G & I were thrown into the most gorgeous land I’ve ever explored. Granted, I haven’t been a lot of places, and the Amazon definitely takes the cake for tropical places, but Cape Breton is amazing. For example, above is our view from the road. Yes, from the […]

Tourism…& then Halifax

Let’s talk about tourism, and the fate that befell my trip for a day or two after we left the southern tip of Nova Scotia. It’s not that watching whales and eating scallops isn’t a tourist activity down there, it certainly is (after all, Digby is the scallop capital of the world), but it’s more […]

Whale of a Tale, Nova Scotia

photo credit to G. After a futile attempt to watch whales in the evening, G. & I woke up early the next morning to catch the Freeport morning whale watch. Actually, the tale goes that we made reservations with Freeport but thought that we were making reservations with a company on the mainland (Freeport is […]