Best Salad Ever

I’m a bad MoFoer, only a week in and I’ve already missed two days.  And I’m probably going to miss tomorrow too!  But, other than yesterday, the missed posts were/are due to traveling–first Houston, now Richmond this weekend.  So excited!  I’m going to meet up with my mom and her fiance who are going with […]

Rice Macaroni Noodles

Happy National Noodle Day everyone!  Aren’t food holidays hilarious?  I mean, really, who needs a noodle day?  Every day is noodle day for me!  But it is a good intro to a planned post I had archived for MoFo.  And I’m not willing to be the one to bash a food holiday.  Anything that celebrates […]

Gluten-Free Buckwheat Crepes & Cinnamon Spice Apples

I’d give you a Houston recap, but there’s not much to recap.  No offense to anyone in Houston but I think the city is the worst one I’ve ever visited.  The bus system was practically useless, the sprawl is out of control, and the degree of commercialism is unhealthy.  Even though I was staying in […]

Why I love Virginia

It’s good to be home.  I never thought I’d call Roanoke, Virginia, home, but, well, I’ve said it.  But really, landing on the tarmac today was a breath of relief.  Less than two months in to this “small town” (medium-sized town, but small for my citygirl experience), I found myself in big-city-overload as soon as […]