green beans

Green Bean Masala

This post is about to get super meta. See, three years ago Luisa of The Wednesday Chef (wonderful blog, wonderful book!) posted a recipe from Julie Sahini. And now I’m borrowing it from Luisa via Julie for here. It’s like a regular ol’ Russian nesting doll. (Speaking of Russian, have you all checked out Helen […]


Pomodori col Riso

Anyone else read Design Sponge and totally fall in love with this recipe they posted a few weeks ago? Garden-fresh tomatoes, rice, potatoes, basil–how much more beautiful and simple could a recipe be? Given that my Cherokee Purple tomato plant is actually producing now, I couldn’t wait to try out this Pomodori col Riso (rice […]


Blender Waffles

I’ve been holding out on you guys. Big time. I’ve known that there was this incredible, easy, delicious, pantry recipe for waffles for over two years now. And I’ve made said waffles approximately one billion times (give or take…) and never mentioned them. I don’t deserve it, but will you forgive me? Gluten-free, vegan, and […]