Barcelona Part 1

Barcelona! I have this dream of one day showing up in a foreign country and being alert and ready to tackle the day–you know, take note of the architecture, the smells, people watch. Instead I generally collapse in a heap in a taxi and pray I make it to the hotel so I can nap. […]

cantaloupe risotto

Cooking the Magazines: Cantaloupe Risotto

Oh hey there! It’s been… um … a month? I guess I should post some big ol’ thing about why I’ve been gone but, really, no one wants to hear all that. There was stuff. And it happened. And now it’s August somehow! Oh, I did score a new cat! Or a new cat scored […]


RVA Eats: Dutch & Company

So, why are you going to Richmond? To see the National. Oh, cool venue–what band? No…we’re seeing the National at the National. … Pretty much every conversation for the first week of June went something like that. Meta, right? Pretty damn good show too. A little…more Pop music-ish than I expected (I guess I forgot […]