Beyond Meat Chicken Tacos w/ Mango Salsa & Verde Crema

Often, the highlight of travel for me is grocery shopping in whatever new town I’m in. Sometimes it’s at farmers markets, sometimes just at Whole Foods, but every time I always find some new vegetable or product to play around with. A few weeks ago during a weekend trip to Richmond, I stumbled across the […]

carrot soup samosas

Curried Carrot Soup & Lazy Days Samosas

Nope, still no Barcelona posts. I’m such a tease, but I promise they’ll be coming–and sooner than later because… dum dum dum … we are renovating our kitchen! And that means that there will be quite a few weeks of limited access to stoves and ovens and counters so during that time I’ll run some […]

Broccoli Saag

Broccoli Greens Saag Tofu

Barcelona updates soon, but I’m still a little overwhelmed by it (if you’re interested in the meantime find me @JesGearing on Instagram–there’s a bevy of Barca pics!) But for now, Broccoli Saag Tofu. Saag. Defined: a leaf-based dish eaten in South Asia. Typically eaten with a flat bread like roti or naan. Funny how if […]