Asheville: Part I

Is there anyone who doesn’t love Asheville? It reminds me so much of Portland, Maine–a town full of restaurants, breweries, outdoorsy people, and plenty of young families with cute pups in tow. Even though I grew up visiting Brevard, NC, on a regular basis (a mere 40 minute drive south, I never actually visited Asheville […]


Curry Feast

Confession time: I get really bummed out every year when Easter rolls around. While I’m not religious (raised to be, ‘fell away,’ if you will), I do miss the traditions my mother worked hard to create. Easter breads with chocolate or fruit (chocolate all the way, baby), dresses (I wanted so badly to wear a […]


Atlanta Recap: Sublime Doughnuts, Leon’s, Floataway Cafe, Ria’s Bluebird (and El Taco Veloz in Charlotte)

Oh these dreams I have of updating my blog on a regular basis… You know the drill. (smile) So. Atlanta. Hey, at least I’m finishing the recap before the end of the month (barely)! Post-food-coma, G & I met up with a friend for breakfast on that Saturday, but the food was incredibly crappy (seriously […]