All Tangled In Knots

But the good kind of knots, you know? Oh, ok, I’ll cut to the chase–I finally learned how to knit! Yes, knit! Thought I’d share my take on the GAP-tastic Cowl from Ravelry. Mine seems waaay more ginormous than the pictures of what it should look like…so either I’m just that short or I cast […]


Butternut Chickpea Fritters with Kale Winter Slaw

If you’ve been following my blog for very long, you’ll know that I have a conflicted relationship with frying things. You see, I love all the fried goodies in this world–beignets? Pass them to me, please. Veggie corn dogs? Um, yes. Deep fried mushrooms? Whoever invented those little morsels of goodness was on the right […]

tomato sourdough soup

Tomato & Sourdough Soup

So the question remains: what does one person do with two loaves of sourdough bread? (Well, besides use up one loaf to make toast points for a Superbowl party–all of which were eaten, praise be to hot crab & spinach artichoke dips.) Make soup! Make soup? Yup, I would have never gone that route. Makes […]