Coconut-Tofu Tacos w/ Coconut Mango Slaw

You know how everyone gets on board with New Year’s Resolutions? Plans to eat healthier, lose some weight, travel more, fall in love with yourself. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t bad, but the problem is that .000001% of us actually follow-through. That slice of pizza didn’t count, right? Thinking that I’m not good enough—well, […]


Pakistani Red Lentil Dal

It’s funny how much I let the weather determine my food cravings. Warm & sunny – tacos, cold & rainy (or snowy as the case lately has been) – curries or stews. This week just means I’ve been schizo on my wants: today, 65 degrees, Friday, going to be snowing with a high of 29. […]


Alexander’s — Roanoke Restaurant Week 2013

I’m losing more and more reasons every day, it seems, to complain about the state of dining in Roanoke (not that there was *that* much to complain about anyway). See, this month for the first time ever, Roanoke decided to hold a Downtown Roanoke Restaurant Week. For one week straight (going on now through tomorrow […]