sumac salad

Sumac Roasted Butternut Salad

Right now I’m holed up in a darling little cabin with a fire roaring in the fireplace, a glass of wine on the coffee table, one of Joanna Vaught’s Christmas playlists streaming (which can we talk for a moment about how genius they are?!), and, obviously, a computer on my lap. I mean, what cabin […]


Mountain Oasis Festival

A couple of weeks ago, G & I jetted down Asheville for the first ever Mountain Oasis Festival.  A weird mash-up of electronic and indie bands, I had no idea what to expect from the whole experience, but, thankfully, it ended up being a blast and totally worth it. By the time tickets were available […]


Autumn’s Best Acorn Squash

The fact that it’s November is completely blowing my mind, you guys. All of a sudden I’m in full Thanksgiving AND Christmas planning mode with lists and notes and recipes scattered everywhere. It’s a madhouse in my brain and I suppose it’s not going to calm down until January. Just in time for all those […]