So, let’s be honest here, who hasn’t been inspired by Taco Cleanse 2013? I mean, like, holy shit, all those taco trucks and amazing restaurants serving vegan tacos? Not to mention the sheer willpower (I really do mean genius indulgence) to eat a taco for every meal of Vegan MoFo? It’s amazing. I bow to […]



It would appear that I’ve inadvertently created “Jes Makes Korean Food Thursday” or something of that nature. Last week, Japchae; this week, Tteokbokki (try to type that ten times!). So what is tteokbokki (other than something impossibly hard for me to type for whatever reason)? Quite simply, a braised dish of rice cakes with other […]

Soul veg ma

Soul Veg Mac n’ Cheeze–Plus Vegan Dad’s Southern BBQ Tofu!

It’s hump day two-for-one! I’m crazy to give you two recipes in one day because I just realized that with our kitchen renovation, I’m losing the kitchen Friday-Tuesday or Wednesday which means no time to cook ahead for next week…BUT I’d already photographed this last week with the intention of a two-for-one, so here we […]