Chard-Filled “Omelette”

I love brunch.  It’s my favorite meal (in case you hadn’t noticed).  But as is the case with most favorites, I tend to make the same things over and over again.  I just love pancakes and hashbrowns and tofu scramble.  In an attempt to fix that, I made Susan V.’s tofu omlettes this morning! My […]

New Year’s Brunch

Confession: I didn’t eat black eyed peas and collards yesterday.  (And my 1st picture of 2009 is blurry.  Drat.)  But I did have a damn good brunch!  I spent New Year’s Eve in Birmingham with the poet’s family (let me just say, wow, it was an interesting night in a weird southern town–I’m a city […]

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Pumpkin Waffles Don’t forget to feed yourselves breakfast tomorrow!  Maybe a nice batch of pumpkin waffles from Vegan with a Vengeance will do the trick. Have a good holiday!  And don’t forget to comment to Pay It Forward with me!

Brown Breakfast O’ Greatness

This is how I feel right now.  Groggy.  Gross.  Giant pawed.  (Well, maybe not giant pawed…)  See, I have this thing called insomnia.  And insomnia is great in that I can see things that most people don’t–like how bright and clear the stars were last night or drug deals on Moreland Ave. In that I […]

“Baked” Apples

You know what the great thing about baking an apple cake in the morning is?  The accompanying breakfast!  My mom always cooks (she always calls them “baked apples…” but it’s definitely a stove-top method…who knows) apples like the middle layer of the cake as a treat for fall or winter mornings, so, naturally, while baking […]

I Can Flip, Yes I Can

We all have our cooking hang-ups. You know, those techniques we can’t master, those ingredients that we just can’t figure out how to cook right (eggplant–do I leave the skin on or off? Seriously.), that vocabulary that all runs together (it’s not like we went to cooking school; why aren’t definitions attached to every French […]

Scrambled Tofu & Biscuits

VwaV Scrambled Tofu & Baking Powder Biscuits No time for a real post. But coming up, the world’s best biscuits EVER. Even better the ones above. If you want the recipes and don’t own Vegan with a Vengeance…then you should really buy it. Seriously. That and Veganomicon. Oh, and while you’re at it, go vote […]

New York! and Chocolate Pistachio Cream Cheese Danish Bread

Sorry for not posting in awhile. School. That’s all I have to say about that. However! I’m off to NYC for a week to visit friends, eat tasty vegan food, and pine over the fact that I couldn’t fly my bike up with me this time. Sigh. At least I’ll be hitting up the Siren […]


It’s my first veganersary! Granted, I was not necessarily (ok, at all) completely vegan (for full story see my meme post) last July 7, and I get drunk and eat cheesy food (pun intended), and I love to eat Taria’s pastry creations (she’s fruitarian but the best pastry chef in Atlanta, so again, humor me), […]

Daring Bakers Danish Braid Bread

So…. it’s been one month since I posted… I needed (kneaded?) the month off. My uber intense French translation class just ended (god knows how the final grade will turn out–but it’s over, that’s what counts!), I’m finally 100% healthy, and I’m back in the cooking/baking realm again. This month’s Daring Bakers Challenge was picked […]