Step One: Vegan Chouriço

So I received my first Christmas present last night!  My dad and I met up for dinner at Across the Street (mmm tvp tacos! and sangria!) and a mini-shopping spree at Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe last nigh,t and I walked away with a bag full of goodies.  Hurrah for being vegan and having vegan-specific stores in […]

Vegan MoFo #4–Remember the Seitans

So it’s only my 4th post, but the 5th day of MoFo…so I’m going to call it #4.  How am I supposed to keep tabs!  Agh!  I’m an English major, yo, I don’t do math.  (smile) (edit, I’ve switched to a numbering system, so #4 it is!) So remember when the Seitan o’ Greatness recipe […]

But Everyone’s Doing It!

Julie Hasson’s steamed sausages are taking over the internet. No joke. Who around here hasn’t already made them??? Really??? You should be ashamed of yourself! Go make some! I have to admit, vital wheat gluten has always mystified me a bit. I’m not talented at making seitan. It always ends up lumpy and pretty looking. […]