Spring Market Kale Salad

Today has been the perfect day. And it’s only 1:30 pm right now. (I’m a little worried…how can it get even more perfect than it already is? Bring it world, I’m ready.) Slept in. (Caveat: sleeping in is 7:30 for me now that I wake up at 5 am every morning for work…) Made a […]

lentil bulgur balls

Seven Spice Lentil Bulghur Balls

Somehow it’s almost June. Somehow summer is here, along with her humidity-induced frizzy hair and cookouts and late night bike rides. Somehow spring slipped away and I’m not sure where she went. One thing I do know is that too many hours since February have been spent staring out the windows of this bus. That […]


Korean Inspired Chickpea Noodle Soup

A post! A post, you guys! I think I may have forgotten how to actually write one of these, been so long. Turns out that moving and starting a new job and all that fun stuff + a mega snow storm and all the shenanigans that happened as a result have left me a little […]