The River & Rail Sneak Peek

Technology issues aside (I left my camera battery charging at work & didn’t realize it till I was there and G’s backup camera had a full memory card–thankfully we deleted a few photos off the card & I was able to use his camera), G & I had a lovely time this evening at The River & Rail‘s sneak peek. Nothing says “take me home” like deviled eggs (favorite bite of the night), but the smoked trout and cured meats and wine and beer were spot-on. Can’t wait for this southern bistro to open and to see what chef Aaron Deal has up his sleeve!  (Seriously, I’m dreaming about the promise of outdoor seating & mint juleps–you won’t find me anywhere else this summer!)

4 Responses to “The River & Rail Sneak Peek”
  1. eileen says:

    And whose favorite bite *isn’t* deviled eggs? I ASK YOU.

  2. Mark says:

    We can’t wait to be there in Roanoke at The River and Rail in July!

    Mark and Linda

  3. Looks like a great beginning

  4. brandi / branappetit says:

    i can’t wait to eat there. It looks great!

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