Dark Days 2013: Snow Day & Green Kuri Curry

Green Curry

Oh hi there, snow, where’d you come from and where’d you go? Thursday was a dramatic drive home from work for me, a Southerner with no experience driving in snow. Sure, it’s snowed here before, sometimes dumping feet at a time, but I’d never had to drive in it. And when a storm hits in […]

Waterstone Pizza – Lynchburg


The other weekend, G & I adventured over to Lynchburg (about 50 minutes from our house) to check out some antique stores and see how the downtown revitalization projects were coming along. Add in the glorious spring-like weather and a bite to eat at a local brewery/pizza joint, I don’t think we could have asked […]

Dark Days: Root Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie

shepherds pie

Although the ‘official’ Dark Days Challenge (locally sourced meals) isn’t happening this year, us Southeastern bloggers decided to pick up the slack and do our own. I use ‘pick up the slack’ loosely since I believe the challenge stared December 1 and I obviously haven’t posted anything yet. I also intended to have this up […]

Christmas Travels: Mobile


Christmas–it seems like such a long time ago now, doesn’t it? Especially since we’re experiencing a freakish (-ly wonderful) warm front with 70 degree temperatures and sunshine. Makes me feel all warm and cozy like those blood oranges from my mother’s tree. (Yes, I guess that’s why you live in places like Mobile, AL–blood orange […]

Roasted Cauliflower Tacos w/ Blood Orange-Avocado Salsa

cauliflower tacos

Last week during yoga, my instructor, M, and I were talking about the start of the New Year and the grey, gloomy days we’ve been having lately. “It makes me feel like I need citrus,” she mentioned, a little offhand, but her comment stuck with me. Citrus does seem like the right year to start […]

Christmas Travels: New Orleans

new orleans

Note: I’m doing a little 2013 Creative Pay-It-Forward over on my Facebook Page. If you’re interested in receiving a little edible gift from me at some point during the year, head over to the FB Page and leave a comment. I’m looking to spread a little cheer this year, hope you’ll join me! New Orleans […]

Indian Spiced Chili

indian chili

Apparently G thinks this is the best meal I’ve ever made.  He also says it’s not chili.  I think I’ll let him be half right in that case because I’m calling it chili–so there! But in all seriousness, this chili (or stew or curry or whatever you want to call it) is out of this […]

German Geschnetzeltes-Inspired Stew

German Stew

Inspiration can be really fun to explore. For example: On Serious Eat’s Photograzing section, I stumbled across this fabulous looking recipe for Geschnetzeltes Chili. Super meaty, right? But I took one look at it (it was a dreary, rainy, cold day here in Roanoke) and knew that I wanted to veganize it. Once I started […]

Jersusalem Restaurant #2 — Roanoke


Alright, Roanoke, we need to talk for a second about a restaurant that changed my view of the entire city. Remember all the kvetching I’ve done about how there isn’t a decent falafel to be found here? You know how it’s pretty much all I ever dream of finding in the Star city—a street-style falafel […]

Roasted Pumpkin & Poblano Corn Soup with Baked Corn-Potato Latkes

roasted corn soup

It’s funny how a southern girl can end up in a Virginia mountain town where she rides her bike to work every day, even during the winter months. I hate the cold. It’s a fact. G finds it hilarious since he’s from Pittsburgh and lived in Eerie with its lake effect snow smothers, but, seriously […]