All Tangled In Knots


But the good kind of knots, you know? Oh, ok, I’ll cut to the chase–I finally learned how to knit! Yes, knit! Thought I’d share my take on the GAP-tastic Cowl from Ravelry. Mine seems waaay more ginormous than the pictures of what it should look like…so either I’m just that short or I cast […]

Happy New Year!


2012–I can’t believe it’s over, can you? I don’t know what your take on the year was–good, bad, meh–but mine was definitely a roller coaster of epic proportions. I traveled to England for Jeff Mangum’s ATP and then met up Monica for a foodie tour of London; I visited Paris for the first time and […]

G’s Birthday: Blue Apron & Red Rooster Bar

Far, far too long ago, G & I ate at Blue Apron & Red Rooster Bar in Salem. And we meant to go back for the Spring menu. But I was trying to write a Master’s thesis. And the we meant to go in Summer, but G & I were fixing up a house to […]


Thankful for our new home. For G. For our friends to share this day with.

Magical Mister Mistoffelees

This is one of the hardest posts I’m going to have to write. On Sunday morning at 4:30 am, I lost my Siamese boy, Mistoffelees, to congenitive heart failure–something I never knew he had. He was only 9 years old. On Friday afternoon at 5 pm, he was normal–healthy, eating a mid-day snack, snugging with […]

Saturday Sunning

No food, just a super cute yawning sun stretchin’ lazy cat. 60 something degree sunny windy weather here in Roanoke and I’ve been running Big Pine Provisions this morning, handing out cups of locally roasted coffee and sample of my (if I can say so myself) rockin’ blackberry cheesecake.  Yay for local food! Post-work I’m […]


Thankful: 1. (a) “Feeling or expressing thanks or gratitude; prompted by feelings of gratitude; grateful.” –The Oxford English Dictionary Today I woke up with an intense feeling thankfulness–for Roanoke, for my friends & family, and, most of all, for G.  I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan, but I don’t mind the reminder to consciously […]

Nova Scotia Road Trip, Scranton

Blogging from the road!  Literally!  I’m actually driving in northern Maine right now, but since I have internet in the car while in the US I figured I’d update.  Back story, I’m on my way to Nova Scotia to present a paper at the 1st annual ALECC (Association for Literature Environment & Culture, Canada) conference, […]

2010 Smith Mountain Lake Triathlon

How I spent my Saturday: Swimming Biking Running and eating a lot of veggie burgers. Finished a perfect 100 out of all the women and under 2 hours (and didn’t drown during the swimming part!!!)–met my goal!

Big Pine Trout Farm

When I think about fishing in Appalachia, my thoughts immediately turn to trout–and the zen-infused sport of fly fishing.  Anglers are known to be obsessed, and the most general Google search for “fly fishing philosophy” or “zen fly fishing” reveal a bevy of books and websites dedicated to the delicate and focused activity. While I’ve […]